More and more companies are beginning to realise the benefits of a Try & Hire scheme, which is somewhere between temporary and permanent employment.

See the candidate before you hire

Try & Hire allows you, as a business, to size up a prospective employee before signing the employment contract. Likewise, the candidate has a chance to form an impression of your business as a workplace.

In the Try & Hire scheme, the candidate theoretically starts out as a temporary employee with a view to permanent employment, but you, the business, have the option of discontinuing the cooperation at short notice.
Therefore, this scheme is also ideal if you are uncertain about your business’s volume of orders.

How Try & Hire works

  • Medarbejderne and the business agree on a probationary period for which Medarbejderne sends an invoice, as in a normal temporary employment.
  • After the period, the company can take over the temporary employee without further costs or obligations vis-à-vis Medarbejderne.
  • If you wish to hire the individual before the end of the probationary period, this can be done for a fee to Medarbejderne according to a detailed agreement.

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