After a number of years of being employed in the temporary employment and recruitment sector for businesses where everything focused on earnings, percentages, segments and KPIs, we felt it was about time to start a business focused on people – on the employer and the employee. This happened in May 2005.

Our point of departure is that working together with everyone involved is what makes the difference!

We don’t make a living by selling labour – we earn our living by establishing contacts between employer and employee – and we can establish that contact because we know both parties. We have visited our customers, the businesses, and we’ve talked to the CEO, the manager and the co-worker, and we have met and talked with the candidate at our office – a personal conversation with enough time and space to learn all about the whole human being.
Based on the above, we are currently operate a well-run, orderly business with 13 offices and over 35 employees – all of whom are professionally and humanly competent – throughout Denmark.

Your team player in the labour market

We do not aim to become Denmark’s largest employment and recruitment company, but to be the best!


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